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About Hotel Toranj Kish

Toranj tourism complex and five-star marine hotel is situated in the north-west of Kish Island (in the Persian Gulf) on a virgin land with a natural ecosystem. The complex includes two phases; the first which is built over the sea and the second is a beachfront hotel (which is under construction). Furthermore, it provides the guests with excellent recreational and environmental amenities such as beach restaurant and café with fast food, large and small restaurants and also coffee shop over the sea enjoying a spectacular view of the sunset and the Persian Gulf, spa and massage with glass-floor rooms, fitness center and gym over the sea, Kids Club, and Games Room. All of the suites in this hotel (100 suites) are built over the sea with glass floors, which offer the guests the chance to watch the sea beneath their feet, and private terraces. Being connected with a wooden wharf (nearly 1 km), the suites form a paisley on the Persian Gulf from above. 40, 60, and 120 m3 suites are called flat, one-bedroomed royal and two-bedroomed VIP respectively. For the ease of transportation, golf cars are used for the guests and trolley golf cars are used to carry luggage and essentials for rooms.

The engineering team working in this project, people in construction, consulting, design, and implementation, all endeavored to build an environmentally friendly hotel harming the environment as least as possible. Two artificial islands were constructed in Toranj marine hotel in order to attract migratory birds and protect the natural ecosystem. Meticulous and extensive research was conducted to choose an appropriate part of the island to build Toranj Hotel. Ultimately, a region in the north-west of the island was selected due to having a level land to about 1000 meters from the beach. Having a considerable difference in sea level after 1000 meters has made a natural breakwater protecting the hotel against crashing and huge waves and, more importantly, hurricanes. As the result, the hotel management was honored to receive the award of the first and the only environmentally friendly hotel from the National Department of Environment. Since we believe that we are all guests of Nature in this hotel, we wish our guests would feel deeply committed to protect the environment as well. Geographical position and the exclusive construction of the complex have created the breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset, the stunning scenery of the sea, dancing fishes and tortoises, the coral, green spaces, and the beach.

Hotel Amenities

•    Room service
•    Photo studio
•    Conference hall
•    Clinic
•    Car rental
•    Laundry
•    Tourism information center
•    Beach game room (billiard, table football, air hockey)
•    Spa and massage
•    Khorshid Restaurant over the sea
•    BeachRestaurant (Buffet breakfast and lunch)
•    Taj Toranj Restaurant
•    Golf Café (a coffee shop offering international dishes)
•    Beach Café (different kinds of drinks, juices, and pizza)
•    Traditional Beach Lamkade (coffee house)
•    Water Sports Club (pleasure boats, kayak, paddle board, scuba diving)

Free Room Services :

1.    VIP transfer from and to the airport
2.    Buffet breakfast
3.    Lunch buffet in Toranj beach restaurant
4.    Mini-bar
5.    Complimentary Wi-Fi
6.    Daily service to shopping centers
7.    Beach volleyball
8.    Fitness center
9.    Kids club
10.    Bicycle riding


Toranj Marine Hotel, Kish, Persian Gulf, IRAN 076-44496600-5 / 0933-034-8898 Location on Google map
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